Sticking With Xbox

Sticking With Xbox

I've decided when it comes to sports I'm going to stick with Xbox and for the most part, I will do my best to keep the games I buy to be different between the two. I was getting ahead of myself as I so often do. Earlier this year I set a plan to find a room to rent in-town and if later in the year I get the chance to bring a video game system then that's cool if I don't get that chance then that's fine too.

However, with that taking longer than I expected and watching how rooms are going, I don't know if that will even be a possibility. Anyways I wanted to test the sports games I had on PS4 as well as Xbox Series X since I didn't know if I was taking one of the Xbox systems or PS4 with me (if it ever happens). Anyways I was able to upgrade baseball on PS4 which took me from MLB 19 to MLB 21 which at the time only cost me $25 which is a hell of a lot cheaper than what MLB 22 would have cost me which was in the $80 range of things.

Anyways so I decided I would run the "Road To Pro" mode on both Xbox and PS4 and I would treat my character differently and I would do my best to do things differently between the two games.

As for hockey on Xbox, I have NHL 21 but on PS4 I only have NHL 20. I find the PS4 version to be sluggish and I had trouble keeping up with it because even my character reaction was sluggish. Although my Xbox player (who got drafted to LA Kings) did everything right and kicked ass on the rink.

I do plan on sticking with Xbox when it comes to my sports gaming and while right now I have many different games between the two systems I plan on keeping it that way (maybe) I say maybe cause if I land a job and make a few friends who play PS4 and I have to buy some of the games that I already have with Xbox but on the PS4 then so be it.