Started MLB The Show 22

Started MLB The Show 22

So I finally sat down and started MLB The Show 22, this version I bought for Xbox One not the enhanced version for the Series X|S which is what I did for the show 21 version.

Anyways moving along, I had to recreate my character and I'm fine with that. At times I prefer starting fresh since I'm sure so much stuff has changed in the backend of the game that making it impossible to carry characters forward. Besides half the fun is building your character through the minors.

I was drafted by San Francisco Giants and the GM didn't seem happy as he claims that I'll be a lifetime minor leaguer, so with that being said from him I see him wanting to dump me off in a trade ASAP.

I played my first series as part of the Flying Squirrels and I don't think I disappointed anyone, I find this game easier than the last ones or maybe I just lucked out in the character building and chose some of the right stuff?

Few more series like that and I think the GM is going to change his thoughts about me.