PS4 MLB The Show 21

PS4 MLB The Show 21

I think I'm done playing MLB The Show 21 on PS4.

One of the best things about the game is the community market where you can buy better gear for your ballplayer in order to help make him better. That's where the problem comes in, it's almost like the game was abandoned by it's players once 22 came out since the community market is almost dead when it comes to perks in the game making it that much more difficult and expensive to upgrade your character to get him better, it also makes it that much slower of an upgrade.

I don't know if people changed up to the PS5 version of the game or just jumped to 22 when it came out. But I attempted to revive my ball player in order to make things better for him and but while he's still struggling a bit, his in game progress has been very hampered when it comes to getting better in certain area's since it requires in game perks etc.

The Xbox version of 22 is just fucking awesome when it comes to the community but I know Xbox gamers have been begging for a decent baseball game for years, don't get me wrong RBI Baseball was a decent baseball game that filled that void but it was just a patch over a hole, where as once MLB The Show 21 hit Xbox that filled in and patched the hole that the Xbox players had for a baseball game.

So I think I'm done playing baseball on PS4, I know I've bought me a few other PS4 games to play besides sports but right now I like the ease of a pick up and play game like a sports game