Predator Hunting Grounds - Update

Predator Hunting Grounds - Update

Today I booted up the trusty ole PS4 to play some Predator Hunting Grounds. I then quickly learned once the game got loaded that it's an online only game. So that stopped me dead and have me uninstall the game since I don't have Playstation Plus nor do I have the coin to invest in it at this point in time.

However I do have Aliens vs Predators for Xbox that I may play instead. I also have Alien Isolation however I did defeat that game before I started to do my streaming and I try not to replay games. Even though that game was cool to play, at times it made me paranoid while playing it. As I'm sure if you've played it you would be able to understand.

So perhaps I'll load up Aliens vs Predators on the Xbox and play that, or I may not do anything I haven't decided.

I was playing Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 today since I got an update for it, however I'm also part of the beta testing community and the latest update seems a bit shaky.

Who knows that's next for me to play