MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22

Last night I noticed that MLB The Show 22 was on sale for Xbox at half price, so I felt the need to upgrade to the latest/greatest edition of the game.

When I first bout MLB The Show 21 I decided I wanted to go all out and buy the X|S version just because I had the system for it and I wanted to make use of the entire thing. This time with MLB The Show 22 I decided just to do the regular Xbox One version (it was cheapest and money is tight).

I spent an hour trying to bring my character forward from MLB The Show 21 only to later discover it's not possible. Which sucks in some ways (I like to build my character) but at the same time I can understand since I'm sure a drastic amount of changes were made making it close to if not impossible to have the character get brought forward with little to no difficulty.

But that's fine, later today I plan on starting my MLB The Show 22 journey and build my new character. You can catch that on my twitch channel at first and later in the day on my youtube channel.